Double Chin Surgery

A double chin surgery is a layer of fat that develops around the neck, just below the chin. Double chin is common in people who are overweight or obese. It can also be caused by genetics, aging, or loose skin.

Double Chin Surgery may help you look younger or thinner. The procedures shapes the area, by removing excess fat and smooth the skin.

Before double chin surgery, the plastic surgeon may ask you to:

  1. Get some blood test done
  2. Stop smoking.
  3. Stop taking certain medications (for example, aspirin, NSAIDs and herbal supplements).

What is Double Chin Surgery?

Double chin surgery is a procedure to remove extra fat and in some cases skin in the neck area. A plastic surgeon may use one of several techniques to address the double chin, depending on your goals:


    • Liposuction sucks excess fat from under the chin skin.
    • Chin liposuction is done by inserting a small liposuction cannula, into the chin in by very small incisions.
    • Using gentle suction, small and strategic amounts of fat is removed from the chin and surrounding area. The result is a smoother and even neck profile with a reduced amount of fat under the chin.

    • It mainly treats the chin and upper neck. It helps tightens the skin by a small chin incision and removes the extra fat.

    • A neck lift is more extensive procedure than a chin tuck. It addresses the chin and the entire neck area, by removing excess skin and tightening the neck muscle and reshaping the neck. The surgeon makes incisions behind the ear and sometimes underneath the chin, removes excess skin, and tightens neck muscles.

Liposuction For double chin

What are the advantages of surgery for a double chin treatment?

Many people who have this cosmetic surgery report:

  • More defined, well-shaped chin and neck.
  • Younger, thinner appearance.
  • Smoother Skin.

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What are the risks of double chin removal?

Neck and chin plastic surgery is generally safe, but the procedures do come with certain risks:

  1. Asymmetry in the face
  2. Bleeding
  3. Infection
  4. Nerve injury that could cause numbness in chin area
  5. Pain or swelling that lasts longer than expected.
  6. Skin irregularities and discoloration

What is the recovery time after double chin treatment?

  • After a chin tuck or neck lift, there can be some swelling and bruising. Your skin may feel tight in chin area. These effects get better over time and last about two weeks.
  • If you had drains placed, the surgeon will remove them in a few days after the procedure.

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