Liposuction Surgery, also known as liposculpturing is now a day’s one of the commonest cosmetic surgery procedure that breaks up the fat cell (lipo) and “sucks” them from the body. Dr. Ammara Rabbani is the Best Liposuction Surgeon in Lahore (Liposuction Surgery) for females.

It is used in almost every part of the body abdomen, thighs, buttocks, neck, chin, arms, calves, and back.

The fat is removed with the help of a long hollow liposuction cannula. The cannula is inserted into the fat layer under the skin through very small slit like cuts. A high-pressure vacuum machine is than connected with the cannula that sucks out the fat.

Important Facts About Liposuction Surgery:

  • The operation is done under general anaesthesia if large volume and multiple areas involved
  • Liposuction is not a weight-loss tool but a cosmetic body sculpturing procedure.
  • Important side effects are: infection and scarring
  • Liposuction can also be used to treat some medical conditions.

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Indications of Liposuction Treatment?

Liposuction is not a weight-loss procedure or treatment for obesity.

People who desire to undergo liposuction treatment should have a stable body weight but would like to remove undesirable fat deposits in body parts that are resistant to healthy diet and exercise.

The following body areas are commonly treated with liposuction:

  • Abdomen,
  • Chest,
  • Buttocks, back  and hips,
  • Inner knees and thighs,
  • Flanks (love handles),
  • Neckline and  chin,
  • Upper arms.

However the liposuction procedure does not remove or reduce cellulite, dimples, or stretch marks.

Liposuction permanently removes and decrease the number of fat cells from the area treated, in order to reshape of the body. However, if one does not continue a healthy lifestyle, there is always a risk of expansion of the remaining fat cells with weight changes.

Best candidates for liposuction treatment are those with good skin tone and elasticity, where the skin molds itself into new contours after the procedure. Whereas those with poor skin lacks elasticity may end up sagging skin in the area of liposuction.

Other Indications of Liposuction:

Liposuction is usually done for cosmetic purposes, but it is sometimes used to treat certain medical conditions like.

  • Lymphedema:
    • It is a condition in which excess fluid known as lymph collects in tissues, causing or swelling.
    • The lymphedema commonly occurs in the arms or legs.
  • Gynecomastia:
    • It is the condition of fat accumulates in male breasts.
  • Lipomas:
    • These are benign swellings formed due to localized fat accumulation in an area.

Liposuction Operation:

Before the liposuction operation, patients will need some basic health tests to ensure fitness for liposuction surgery.

The following indications may be made:

  • Those taking aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should stop taking them at least 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Those who smoke should quit smoking 3 weeks prior to surgery
  • Patients with anaemia may advised iron supplements.

An informed consent form will be signed by the individual to confirm that patient is fully aware of the procedure and risks factors.

During The Liposuction Operation:

  1. The procedure may take around 1-4 hours depending upon the areas treated and amount of fat removed.
  2. Patients may receive a general anaesthesia if large volume liposuction is done.
  3. Whereas small, localized areas can be treated under local anaesthesia.

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Types Of Liposuction:

Tumescent Liposuction:

Tumescent liposuction treatment is the most popular and conventional technique of liposuction.

In this technique first the saline solution containing a local anaesthetic (lidocaine) for pain and a vessel-constrictor (epinephrine) to control bleeding are pumped into the fat layer with the help of cannula that need to be treated. The fat is than sucked out with the help of liposuction cannulas connected to a suction machine.

Ultrasound-Assisted liposuction (UAL): 

In this method of liposuction special liposuction cannulas energized with ultrasound waves. The ultrasound vibrations rupture the walls of the fat cells and emulsifies and liquefies, the fat, making it easier to be sucked out.

This is indicated for liposuction of fibrous area e.g. male breast, back, and in areas where liposuction has been previously done.

Power-Assisted liposuction (PAS): 

In this powered liposuction, specialized cannula are connected with mechanized system that rapidly moves the cannula back-and-forth, allowing the surgeon to pull out fat easily and quickly.

Laser-Assisted Lipolysis (LAL): 

This liposuction technique also requires the use of tumescent fluid. A small tube like cannula is inserted through a small cut to deliver laser energy and heat into the fat in the area to be treated.

After The Liposuction Operation:

After the procedure, the patient might experience some discomfort and numbness in the areas.

  • Anaesthesia:
    • Those who had major liposuction under general anaesthesia usually spend the night in hospital.
    • When done in local anaesthetic may be able to leave clinic on the same day.
  • Support bandages: You will wake up with pressure garment worn on the targeted area after the procedure.
  • Antibiotics: Are given to control infection.
  • Painkillers: Analgesics can help control pain and relieve inflammation.
  • Stitches: The stitches are removed in follow-up appointment after few days.
  • Bruising: Bruising of targeted area usually resolves in 10-14 days.
  • Numbness: The numbness of the area may improve in 6 to 8 weeks.

Results Of Liposuction:

  1. The results of liposuction will be clear once the swelling settles Most of the swelling settles in about 4- 6 weeks, but some may take few months 3-4 months to settle.
  2. People who maintain healthy life style can have long lasting and permanent results.

Liposuction Side Effects:

The risk of complications in liposuction is associated with how many areas treated and volume of fat removed.

The following side effects, or complications are possible:

  • Bruising,
  • Swelling,
  • Contour Irregularities,
  • Numbness,
  • Infections,
  • Thrombophlebitis,
  • Fat embolism: rare but associated with large volume liposuction,
  • Skin burns,
  • Other anaesthesia complication or drug reactions.

Those who are most satisfied with the results of liposuction are those who consider carefully the benefits and limitations of the procedure, are informed about the realistic expectations, choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon, and discuss the procedure in detail with their surgeon.

Before and After Photos – Liposuction Surgery

Liposuction Surgeon in Lahore

Liposuction Surgeon in Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Best Liposuction Surgeon in Lahore

Best Liposuction Surgeon in Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Liposuction Surgery

Best Liposuction Surgeon:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Liposuction Cost In Lahore

Liposuction Cost In Lahore:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Frequently Asked Questions (Liposuction Surgery) By Clients:

1. Amount of fat that can be safely removed with liposuction surgery (Liposuction Surgeon in Lahore)?

The amount of fat that can be safely removed is around 5 liters in one session. Those who wish to remove more fat should plan it in two or more sessions

There are some risks factors, like infection, numbness, and scarring. If too much fat is removed, there may be unevenness in the skin in that area. So the procedural side effects are related to the amount of fat removed.

2. Ideal candidates for liposuction treatment?

  • Those undergoing liposuction should be over the age18 years and in good health.
  • Those with coronary heart disease, or a weak immune systems should not undergo liposuction.

3. How is appearance of Skin after liposuction? Does Liposuction Produce Visible Scars? – 

The appearance of skin after liposuction procedure depends on the skin’s elasticity. Good elasticity skin should look smooth and firmer after liposuction.

Liposuction Scars are not a common problem as very small slit incisions are given to insert cannula which does not procedure any major scars.

4. Does the fat ever return after liposuction surgery?

Fat cells are permanently decreased in an area with liposuction, but if one gain weight in future the remaining fat cells may expand. However the areas treated with liposuction are still look better than the areas without liposuction.

5. How long is the recovery for liposuction treatment?

The recovery from liposuction is fast. Usually a day or two off from the work is required and one can return to daily activities like exercise in 4 weeks. Dramatic changes are usually noticeable immediately. The results further improve with time and are usually final results take about 6 months following surgery.

6. Is it possible to inject the fat into other areas of the body after it is removed?

Yes, after liposuction, the fat removed can be injected in other areas of body where fullness may be desired e.g. cheeks, breast, buttocks.

7. Can I Combine Liposuction With Other Procedures?

In general when large volume liposuction and multiple areas involved, it should be done as an independent procedure. However small area liposuction can be combined with other procedure if done in general anaesthesia.

8. How long do I need to wear pressure garments?

  • The patients gets out of the operation room with the pressure garments.
  • They are usually worn 24 hours a day for first 2 weeks and then for 12 hours a day for next 2 weeks.

9. How much does the liposuction cost in Lahore?

The liposuction cost in Lahore varies from patient to patient and depends upon the number of areas treated, amount of fat removed, hospital charges and type of anaesthesia given.

The exact liposuction cost in Lahore can be quoted on your initial consultation after thorough clinical examination, discussion of your goals and the procedure that suits ones goals.

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