What is Hair Transplant ?

Hair Transplant which helps people gains their self-confidence back and seems younger again. While, down hair is a common crisis as we age, Yet, in some medical circumstances people can lose their hair ahead of time. The good news is that hair transplant has become a ordinary treatment in such circumstances.

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Hair Transplant Results:

Primarily the recently entrenched grafts will scab as they cure and then fall out. Yet, do not be anxious when they fall out since they have left into the inactive phase of the usual hair growth cycle. The fresh hair will start growing after concerning three months and you may have to wait for 3 to 6 to up to 12 months for your new hair to begin growing. Statistics show that 90% of the actions prove to be victorious and hair begin growing naturally.

How is Hair Transplant done?

Hair transplant action can be performed for attain denser growth of hair. No matter which hair transplant option you select, these essentials will be used.

  • The surgeon will assess hair loss and discuss the hair reinstatement options.
  • Once the conversation is finalized, the surgeon will make plans for shipping out the transplant.
  • The surgeon will advise the essential pretreatment cares.
  • On the day of the surgery, you scalp with be numbed down with administration of confined anesthesia.
  • The surgeon will gather the follicles using either process for grafting from the donor area.
  • The surgeon will then make slit in the donor area with particular needles to put in grafts.
  • The surgeon will then graft the follicles one by one into these slit using the micro grafting method.
  • The finer follicles are put in at the hairline although thicker ones are used in the midsection to construct volume.
  • The scalp in the donor area might be bandaged afterwards.
  • The surgeon will give you prescription and post-treatment commands to follow for the next few days.

Before and After Photos

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Hair Transplant

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual

Disclaimer:(*): Result may vary depends on individual